Since 1987, allG has supplied contractors and their associates nationwide.

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As the demand for complex lightning protection and grounding systems grows in both the commercial and residential sectors, allG Fabrication continues to manufacture the necessary components and complete systems to meet the evolving needs.

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allG Fabrication’s lightning protection system and grounding system products include:

  • Lightning Protection
    • Aesthetic & ornamental elements
    • Air terminals
    • Bases
    • Conductors
    • Conductor supports
    • Connectors
    • Custom capabilities
    • Fasteners
    • Fittings
    • Overhead system applications
    • Special applications
    • Surge protection devices
    • Through-wall and through-roof
  • Grounding
    • Chemical ground rods & accessories
    • Connectors
    • Conductor supports
    • Exothermic welding
    • Ground bars
    • Ground mats
    • Ground plates
    • Ground rods & accessories
    • Ground wire
    • Lugs & spacers
    • Rebar ground assemblies
    • Signal reference grids (SRG)
    • Test wells
    • Testing equipment
Warehouse team

More than merely manufacturers, we bring over three decades of specialized experience to issues of system design and specification.

High-level consulting and “knowledge share” are pivotal facets of allG Fabrication’s services.

Retail storefronts in each of allG locations supply contractors’ everyday needs.