allG offers NEMA Fused general duty safety switches that are designed for residential and commercial applications where durability and economy are prime considerations. Typical loads are lighting, air conditioning, and appliances. When equipped with fuses, over-current and short circuit protection is also available. The switches are also suitable as service equipment when equipped with a factory-installed neutral assembly or a field-installed equipment grounding kit.

Image Item Description Weight Price Unit Qty
Item #5979-100-FD-3R
Fused Disconnect; 100A; 250V; 1 Phase; NEMA 3R 32 lbs. $249.99* EA
Item #5979-F-100-250V
Time Delay Fuse; 100A; 250V 0.25 lbs. $11.59* EA
Item #5979-200-FD-3R
Fused Disconnect; 200A; 250V; 1 Phase; NEMA 3R 32 lbs. $350.00* EA
Item #5979-F-200-250V
Time Delay Fuse; 200A; 250V 1 lbs. $34.49* EA

* Pricing subject to change on this item

**Product received may vary from photo

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